What Is The Future For Software In 2018?

Adrian Bridgwater of forbes declares that automation intelligence can even be brought to bear by organizations using datasets, workflows, templates and operational blueprints that have been learned in other firms in “The future for software in 2018″

“Looking to the immediate future we will now find an increasing amount of software being built to operate on a cloud native basis, that is – being built of the cloud, in the cloud and for the cloud. Remembering once again that there is no real cloud (spoiler alert: it’s a term we generally use to describe servers in datacenters pumping computer processing, storage and data analytics power to the machine in your hand, over the Internet), the age of cloud native is finally here.”

Michael Keegan, head of product business for EMEIA region and chairman UK & Ireland at Fujitsu, said “In 2018, we will see consumer demands shift ever more towards the digital, with a particular impact on the banking sector. Where cash was once king, it will continue to fall from favor, while more and more consumers will seek the most convenient digital services for transactions like money transfers and insurance. This will have advantages for banks, in reducing the cost of physical infrastructure to support coin handling and the need for branches to provide services. However, it will also lower the barrier for entry for new challengers, meaning banks will have to compete with challengers and even financial services from organisations in other markets”

Source: https://www.forbes.com