Robert Kanaat of shares the ways to ensure your landing pages are converting in “6 Ways to Increase Landing Page Conversions”

Clearly, there’s loads of psychology at work here. Understanding that will make a remarkable difference in your business. But you’ll also need landing page software to implement what you learn here. Now, whether you’re using ClickFunnels or any other landing page builder out there, having a tool to quickly build out your entire and make changes on the fly is a necessity, not an option. Not many can do that. ClickFunnels can. But not many others.


Brunson describes it like this. They read each piece of information in both books, went and implemented it and didn’t start re-reading the section in the book they were in until it was done. That would take a few days, then they would move to the next piece of information, implement that, then continue reading it again. If that doesn’t inspire you to get out there and implement this stuff, not much would.


To break this down, we need to look at the psychology behind landing pages. Recently, I’ve been re-reading Brunson’s Expert Secrets. If you haven’t read it, do so immediately. That single piece of marketing gold could literally mean the difference between success and failure in your online marketing quest. In fact, two individuals who were struggling and broke not that long ago, took the information in both Dot Com Secrets and Expert Secrets, and turned it into a seven-figure-per-month business–Brandon and Kaitlin Poulin of Lady Boss Weight Loss.


So, how hard is it to build landing pages that convert? Or simply to increase conversions on existing landing pages? Is it really that complex or convoluted? Or, is it simple and straightforward? We’ve all watched people like Russell Brunson quickly build out a funnel in under an hour that goes on to become wildly profitable. But can anyone do it?  What’s the so-called secret sauce behind designing squeeze pages that draw in the visitors and get insane conversions?


There is one surefire way you can succeed in business in the long term. And that is to ensure that your landing pages are converting. If you can consistently spend $1 and make $2 or $5 or even $10 or more, then you have a profitable offer you can scale. However, when your landing pages aren’t converting, it’s like throwing money into a fire. It just keeps burning and burning and burning.