Revealed: The way GDPR Will Change The Way You Acquire

 Heather Burns  a digital law specialist in Glasgow explains the changing privacy landscape in “How GDPR Will Change The Way You Develop”

Let’s explore what you need to know about the new data protection frameworks, and how you will need to adapt your development workflows to meet them. This article is not a comprehensive overview of the European privacy overhaul by any means; rather, it focuses on issues specific to web development.


Web developers like you have a major role to play in embracing the new frameworks as the positive tools that they are. The good news is that the obligations in the updated frameworks are not overly complex or technical, and in fact, they don’t even require lawyers. These rules are common-sense and can be immediately adopted.


Getting the process just right ain’t an easy task. That’s why we’ve set up ‘this-is-how-I-work’-sessions — with smart cookies sharing what works really well for them. A part of the Smashing Membership, of course.


The European privacy overhaul will bring positive changes to our business processes and development workflows. We all have to become more thoughtful about what data we collect, how we collect it, and what we do with it. Those changes could not have come soon enough. With data breaches and privacy violations in the headlines every day, not to mention governments expressing open malice against vulnerable citizens, our privacy obligations are as much about ethics and humanity as they are about law and policy.


In May of 2018, a major upgrade to Europe’s overarching data protection framework becomes enforceable. This will be followed by a companion piece of legislation pertaining to data in transit. The extraterritorial nature of these two frameworks — they protect the privacy rights of people in Europe regardless of where their data is collected — means that they will become the de facto standard for privacy around the world.


In this article, we’ll explore what you, as a developer, need to know about the new data protection regime. At the end, you’ll understand how the challenges posed by the privacy overhaul will ultimately help to make you a better developer.


Web developers have a major role to play here. After all, healthy data protection practice is as much about the development side — code, data, and security — as it is about the business side of process, information, and strategy.


Europe’s imminent privacy overhaul means that we all have to become more diligent about what data we collect, how we collect it, and what we do with it. In our turbulent times, these privacy obligations are about ethics as well as law.


GDPR requires you to be more thoughtful about the sites and services you build, more transparent about the ways you collect and use data, more considerate of your users, and more thorough in your development and documentation processes.


Heather Burns is a digital law specialist in Glasgow, Scotland. Her focus is researching, writing, and speaking about internet laws and policies which impact … More about Heather…



Revealed: The Ten Copywriting Tips to Create Engaging Landing Page

10 Copywriting Tips to Create Engaging Landing Page

Korbin Voss a billing specialist with Clickfunnels reveals the copywriting tips that help engage readers in ” 10 Copywriting Tips to Create Engaging Landing Page

“What follows are the simple tips that you will start to integrate into the copy that you spend your time writing and crafting. This takes time to develop and to truly master, but each step in the right direction is the right step”

  1. Focus on the Benefits of the products or services
  2. Build Urgency within Your Target audience
  3. Convey Information Through Story
  4. Discover Your Voice
  5. Establish Understanding with the Details
  6. Focus on Your own Headline
  7. Gear Your Copy Toward SEO
  8. Long Web form is Best
  9. Transition from Simple to Detailed
  10. Rise to the Level of Your Customers

Using the above tips will surely engage your readers to a whole new level and the results is sales which is more along the lines of what we’re interested in having.

“When you make a landing page, you want your copy to really pull them in. Videos are great at endearing people, but copy is where you’re going to actually sell them. Copy is the meat of the whole informational meal that your prospects have come to devour. It’s the bulk of the meal that you’ve offered your leads. Copywriting does everything from reducing risk on the buyer’s behalf, answer questions, and highlight the benefits of the product. It does the legwork for your selling process and get them to put their information in through the squeeze pages”

Original Source: 10 Copywriting Tips to Create Engaging Landing Page

The best way to create emotionally relevant advertising and marketing experiences for your shoppers

Natasha Wahid of WiderFunnel explains the three main emotional systems and how these systems influence customer behavior in “How To Create Emotionally Relevant Marketing Experiences For Your Shopper”

“In particular, you need to understand the three main emotional systems and how these systems influence customer behavior through both desire and aversion. These include:”

  • The Stimulance System, which aims to discover new things and learn new skills. This part of the brain is triggered by novelty, curiosity, change, surprise, and excitement. This system avoids boredom but is drawn to new sensations.
  • The Dominance System, which focuses on performance, self-assertion, the suppression of competition, and achieving status, power, and autonomy. This system’s desire is pride or a feeling of victory. And it’s aversion is anger, rage and powerlessness.
  • The Balance System, which is motivated by risk avoidance, and stability. This area may be triggered by fear and anxiety, but it is also associated with harmony and conformity, as it seeks security.

The Dominance and Stimulance systems are the expansive and risk-oriented systems in the brain, whereas the Balance system is the risk avoidance counter-system”

Natasha reveals how you has a marketer can explore, understand and leverage these emotional systems by using the Limbic model.

“The Limbic model reveals the different emotional systems that exist in your customer’s head, how these systems interact in the brain, and how they influence (shopping) behavior.

What sets Limbic apart from other personality profiling tools, like Myers Briggs or Predictive Index, is that it is the first tool of its kind designed specifically for marketing. It is focused on uncovering the emotion and motivation of a shopper, rather than on how people relate to one another.

At the center of the Limbic model is the Limbic® map. All human motives, desires, and values can be represented and related to one another within this map”

Original source: How To Create Emotionally Relevant Marketing Experiences For Your Shopper


What Is The Future For Software In 2018?

Adrian Bridgwater of forbes declares that automation intelligence can even be brought to bear by organizations using datasets, workflows, templates and operational blueprints that have been learned in other firms in “The future for software in 2018″

“Looking to the immediate future we will now find an increasing amount of software being built to operate on a cloud native basis, that is – being built of the cloud, in the cloud and for the cloud. Remembering once again that there is no real cloud (spoiler alert: it’s a term we generally use to describe servers in datacenters pumping computer processing, storage and data analytics power to the machine in your hand, over the Internet), the age of cloud native is finally here.”

Michael Keegan, head of product business for EMEIA region and chairman UK & Ireland at Fujitsu, said “In 2018, we will see consumer demands shift ever more towards the digital, with a particular impact on the banking sector. Where cash was once king, it will continue to fall from favor, while more and more consumers will seek the most convenient digital services for transactions like money transfers and insurance. This will have advantages for banks, in reducing the cost of physical infrastructure to support coin handling and the need for branches to provide services. However, it will also lower the barrier for entry for new challengers, meaning banks will have to compete with challengers and even financial services from organisations in other markets”


What Tools Do You Need To Launch Your Sales Funnel?

When it comes to actually setting up your sales funnel you have three options.


1. Hire someone else to set it up for you who knows what they’re doing.
2. You can code your sales funnel from scratch using HTML, CSS, and PHP if you know how to code (not recommended).
3. You can use 3rd party tools to set it up for you.
If you want to hire it out, kindly let me know.
Of course… If you’re like me and you’d like to do it yourself however, it’s time to use 3rd party tools to build your funnel pages and get the job done.
A lot of 3rd party tools out there that can help you build out a sales funnel.
However, in my opinion one tool clearly stands above the rest.
This funnel building tool is called ClickFunnels.
It was created by a wildly successful entrepreneur named Russell Brunson.
…And it’s the best funnel building tool I’ve seen.
ClickFunnels is great because it allows you to build out your entire sales funnel, from capturing leads, to sales pages, to order forms, to 1-click upsells or downsells, to membership sites for 1 low monthly price…$97 or $297 a month.
And it includes a free 2 week trial.
That’s not all. It integrates with over 10 different autoresponder companies… As well as integrating with 6 different payment processors including stripe, infusionsoft, click bank, paypal and more.
Plus, it gets better.
If you have a problem support is top notch.
Not only will they respond within a few hours each time.
But often at times they will “fix” an error for you at no extra charge and even send you a quick video on what went wrong and how they fixed it.
Pretty neat eh?
What do I like best about ClickFunnels for building out funnel pages?
My favorite feature is that the page editor is limitless and is easy to use, and easy to LEARN to use.
You can learn ClickFunnels in less than 30 minutes and start building your first super customized page within the hour.