Make A Dessert Pizza And Well Guess If Youre An Extrovert, Introvert, Or Ambivert

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18 Plants That Look Like Theyre From An Alien Planet

Posted 2 minutes ago

In a world full of boring plants, these beauties chose to stand out.


This orchid that’s havin’ a great day:


This night sky petunia that literally looks like it came from outer space:


And this starry sky petunia that’s a star all its own:


This black bat flower that doesn’t look happy to see us:


This flower that is looking to audition for Stranger Things soon:


This passion flower that is surprisngly complex:


This starfish plant that somehow has a personality despite not having a brain:


This carrot that can’t possibly be a carrot, right?


This rhubarb sprout that is most definitely a brain:


This two-toned rose that changed its mind halfway through:


This sunflower with too many heads to count:


This seedpod that quite honestly looks like an alien all its own:


This bee orchid that I want to befriend:


This osteospermum that’s come to life and will soon devour the Earth:


This succulent (known as Haworthia cooperi) that looks like otherworldly eggs just ready to hatch:


This rafflesia that definitely inspired a Pokémon or two:


This succulent (called Trachyandra tortilis) that knows a thing or two about creating a wave:


And finally, this zucchini that has no business being this massive:

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The Attorney General Tried To Replace A Federal Prosecutor And Things Got Weird Fast

The president’s rally in Tulsa was a bust, and there’s a lot of blame to go around! At the rally, President Trump told a “joke” about telling his administration to slow down coronavirus testing. (But uh, it definitely didn’t seem like a joke at the time!!)

Over the weekend, Will Smith revealed how his daughter, Willow Smith, taught him all about feelings. Aww.

We found a TikTok that PERFECTLY describes what it feel like to be making this podcast with all the things that have happened in 2020 so far. (Thanks, dmotta3!)

And BuzzFeed News legal reporter Zoe Tillman helps us make sense of the power play Attorney General William Barr tried — and kinda failed? — to pull off this weekend.

Which “H2O: Just Add Water” Guy Is Your Perfect Match Based On The Vacation You Plan?

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Who will it be? Lewis? Zane? Will?

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When will you go?

Who’s coming with you?

Choose something to do:

How long are you staying?

Finally, what will you bring back with you?

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People Are Sharing Their Favorite Dads From Movies And TV, And Im Just Nodding In Agreement

“His son comes out as gay, and although he isn’t a fan of the idea, he supports his son unconditionally, sticks up for him constantly, and even defends him against his would-be stepbrother during an outburst of hate. He takes the time to get into his son’s interests while not pressuring him to change who he is in the slightest.”


Hollywood Producer David Guillod Charged With Sexually Assaulting Three Women

Former Hollywood producer and talent agent David Guillod has been charged with sexually assaulting three women.

Guillod, who was booked into Santa Barbara County jail, faces 21 years to life in prison if convicted of the 11 felony charges, which include kidnap for rape, rape of an unconscious person, rape from a drugged victim.

Authorities did not identify the three women who allege Guillod raped them in separate incidents in 2012, 2014, and 2015. However, in October 2017, actor Jessica Barth accused Guillod in a blog post for The Wrap of drugging and sexually assaulting her in 2012 when he was her manager. Barth reported her allegations to Los Angeles police in 2012, but ended up dropping the case. But she said the MeToo movement years later inspired her to again pursue criminal charges.

After Barth went public, Guillod stepped down as co-chief executive of Primary Wave Entertainment talent agency.

Guillod also served as a producer on Atomic Blonde, the 2017 film starring Charlize Theron and James McAvoy, as well as Netflix’s 2020 film Extraction.

Guillod’s lawyer, Phillip Cohen, did not immediately respond to a request for comment, but in a statement to the LA Times, said his client denies all of the allegations.

“Mr. Guillod has been vilified for eight years without being afforded the opportunity to examine under oath his accusers,” Cohen said.

He also claimed that evidence had been collected that dispute the charges.

“Justice is rarely swift and often does not come easy; but Mr. Guillod very much looks forward to clearing his name in the appropriate forum,” Cohen said.

Guillod’s bail was set at $3 million.